A long time ago, when Frank was still new to the 3D graphics community, he published free seamless high-resolution to get some visitors on his website. The texture series was titled “Seamless Reality Textures”. It worked, and even landed Frank his first job for Children’s Television.

By now, the textures are 15 to 20 years old, but free stuff never hurts.

All these textures were made from photos that Frank took himself, unless stated otherwise. They were made seamless in hours of time-consuming hand work, and are fully tileable. These textures focus on details, and usually depict an area smaller than 3×3 meters.

License & disclaimer

All textures from this website can be used without charge in private and commercial projects. No strings attached. Use at your own risk, there is no guarantee for perfect seamlessness. It would be nice if you included some credits in your final work, though, if possible. Do not sell anywhere, do not try to rake fame or glory by pretending you had made them, that’s bad karma.