Frank Willeke, 2021
Frank, 2021

Frank Willeke was born in Braunschweig, Germany, in 1980, and currently lives in Berlin, Germany, where he moved in 2014 after having lived in İzmir, Turkey, for almost 7 years.

Frank’s programming experience goes back to 1994 when he started coding with TurboPascal, then moved to VisualBasic, and later on to C++ and Python. Frank has worked for Maxon Computer, the makers of the acclaimed 3D animation software Cinema 4D, for 7 years, working his way through to Project Manager, Technical Manager, and Senior Software Developer. He later worked at Laubwerk as a Senior Software Developer until June 2020. Frank then spent a year developing his brain child Terraform4D, an art directable terrain generation system for Cinema 4D. Currently, he works as a Senior Software Developer for INSYDIUM LTD.

Frank, 2018
Frank, 2018

Before Frank started working in the software sector he had different jobs, including 3D animation and visualisation for children’s television and architects, 3D artist training, project management, CAD engineering and technical drawing, web design, and selling liquorice and spices on farmer’s markets.

For a complete listing of Frank’s professional career, see his curriculum vitae.

Things he does for fun include…

The stuff you’ll see on this website will mostly be results of the above mentioned hobbies.


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