Terms of use

The following terms of use apply to all textures of the “Seamless Reality Textures” (SRT) and other texture pack series on this website, including the yet unreleased.

All textures are 100% free for use in personal and commercial projects.

  • You may copy the files as often as you want and pass them on to other people for free.
    • When copying and passing on the files, respect this: The files MUST NOT be changed or altered in any way! All files must remain in their original state.
  • In addition to this, you MUST NOT redistribute or publish any of the files on the internet, CD-ROM, DVD or other electronic media.
  • You MUST NOT sell these textures in any shop or internet platform.
  • You MUST NOT pretend these textures were made by yourself.
  • Using the textures in commercial projects must be thanked with credits (showing my name and website URL), which you can put in the imprint of your publication, the cover of your CD or the credits of your film production.

If you plan using the textures for purposes that are not mentioned in or compatible with these terms of use, please write Frank an E-Mail and ask for advice.

About external references

External references (linking from another website directly to my textures) are forbidden and will be refused/blocked by the server. If you want to use these textures on your website, then download them and host then on your own server!