Sub 37 Cookbook

The Sub 37 Cookbook is a blog dedicated to patches, tutorials, tips and tricks for the Moog Sub 37 Analog Synthesizer. Patches can be prelistened before download, and new patches can be submitted using a form. Go here: Sub 37 Cookbook Also available on Twitter: @sub37cookbook

Jack’s Patch Collection

This ReFill for Propellerhead Reason (Version 6.5 or higher) contains more than 120 instrument and effect patches. Mainly for the builtin Reason synthesizers Thor, Subtractor and Malström, but also for the Rack Extensions Radical Keys, Radical Piano, Revival Drawbar Synthesizer, VK1-Viking and Kuassa Amplifikation Vermillion/Creme and others. There are also more complex instruments and effects… Continue reading Jack’s Patch Collection