Audio gear

Audio gear

I love music, listening to it as well as making it. Preferably Blues, Jazz, Fusion, 70s Progressive Rock, Psychedelic, Lounge, but also electronic music like deep or progressive house, ambient, or Drum’n’Bass. I play electric and acoustic guitar, bass and keyboards, and I also do sampling, synthesizer and beat programming.

My experience in electronic music, however, goes back to 1991 or 1992. At that time I started some techno experiments with the famous tracker ModEdit 2.0 and the sound editor BlasterMaster on MS-DOS. Later on, around 1996, I used Steinberg Cubasis and then Buzz on PC.

Nowadays, I am a happy user of Propellerhead Reason since many years, which I use mainly for recording, editing, and mixing. If you’re a Reason user, too, check out my free ReFill with loads of patches. For live sets and jam sessions, I use Ableton Live.

Listen to some of my music on this website or on

Here’s some of my gear that has accumulated over the years, which I keep in my studio outside of my home:

Last update: May 11, 2017